Why SMM?

A metamaterial (from the Greek word "meta-" meaning "beyond") are materials engineered to have properties that have not yet been found in nature. They are made from assemblies of multiple elements fashioned from composite materials such as metals or plastics. The materials are usually arranged in repeating patterns, at scales that are smaller than the wavelengths of the phenomena they influence. Metamaterials derive their properties not from the properties of the base materials, but from their newly designed structures.

All along through the history of metamaterials the main challenge was faced by hundreds of researchers: how to improve the performance of scintillator in order to satisfy all the requirements dictated by modern radiation instrumentation industry in a best way? This challenge is connected with fundamental properties of scintillation materials and often could be overcome only partially after years of struggle.

But what if we will choose the goal to create scintillation materials with already predetermined properties? Then we will come up with scintillation metamaterials (SMM). SMM is a new word in modern world of scintillation materials. The approach developed by our team facilitates the possibility of precise control and forecast of final characteristics of SMM element or panel.

SMM technology provides the best tailor made solution to all demanding tasks in following applications:

  • Homeland security
  • Industrial radiography and tomography
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Radiation dosimetry
  • Highly-efficient detection of fast ant thermal neutrons 

Scintillation metamaterials are:

  • extremely homogeneous
  • mechanically flexible
  • resistant to moisture
  • have a large sensitive area
  • have excellent coincidence with photodiode readout 
  • have extreme radiation hardness

Our team is always ready to help our customers in finding the best solution in each particular task.

Knowledge is the key. SMM technology opens new possibilities!

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